Twice a year, we could easily be divided into two types of people: Those who hate Daylight Saving Time and those who absolutely love it.

This weekend, the lovers get their way when the clock springs forward at 2 a.m. Sunday, where it will stay until November 4 when the haters can start smiling again and roles will be reversed. Now, like everybody else, we're giving up a precious hour of sleep this weekend only to reclaim it back again in the fall. But oh man, does that first morning just suck! I think everyone can agree that's a huge negative in "springing ahead"...

But besides the whole losing sleep thing, here are six pros and cons about Daylight Saving Time:

  • 1

    Pro: Opportunity to Get Outside More!

    Look, we've all been cooped up inside all winter long so any excuse to get out is a good one. Taking a quick walk around the block during your lunch break, or letting the kids play outside a while before supper can ease your stress levels ten fold. Plus it's nice to have that extra daylight at the end of the day too.

  • 2

    Con: Putting Kids to Bed When it's Still Light Out

    But speaking of that extra daylight, that also means convincing your kids it's "time for bed", even though the sun's still up.

  • 3

    Pro: Safer Roads/Travel

    More daylight = clearer sight of what's in front of you. So many accidents happen because people couldn't see what was happening around them, so having the extra sunlight during your commute will make the roads a little bit safer.

  • 4

    Con: Dark(er) Mornings

    Right about now we're just getting used to a little daylight waking us up in the morning... well you can kiss that goodbye again. Early risers will miss this, at least for a couple weeks until the days continue to get longer.

  • 5

    Con: Listening to People Complain About it

    Get ready for non-stop bitching, especially on social media on how tired we all are. Guess what? We're ALL tired! Have another cup of coffee and adjust with the rest of us, mmmkay? We'll get through it, we always do...

  • 6

    Pro: Knowing Spring is Finally Around the Corner

    I have to end on a positive note! Once the snow finally does begin to melt, mother nature will once again work her magic in southeast Minnesota by bringing us blooming gardens, plush green lawns, and the wonderful smell of fresh meat cooking on the grill!

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