Despite health officials all around the world imploring people to continue to wear a face mask when going out in public and around other people, there are still just a ton of folks who don't get it. One YouTuber has made a black metal song that explains why you need to.

Vance Kotrla uploaded a video onto his channel titled, "Wear a Mask! Wear a Mask! Catchy PSA for Mask Safety." The video starts out with him holding an acoustic guitar standing with his daughter. "Since I play in a folk band, my friend Don suggested that I write a song encouraging people to wear masks," he says. "So my daughter and I worked something up, and here we go."

The video instantly flips over to Kotrla growling and decked out in corpse paint. Not only does the song ridicule peoples' excuses and complaints for not wanting to wear masks, but it's pretty damn catchy too.

Check out the song below, and "wear a mask, don't be a chode."

Black Metal Song - "Wear a Mask"

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