Anyone else asking this question?

Believe it or not, we're coming up on the anniversary of when Halestorm's Halloween Scream tour hit Rochester. We remember the amazing live music we heard that night of course, but I'm pretty sure that we remember a little promise that Starset made to Rochester too.

In case you forgot, Starset had trouble with their electronic set up during their performance at Mayo Civic Center. They couldn't finish their set after multiple tries (the power kept going out), so they simply apologized and said they'd "be back." It was a minor part of the night, but reflecting on the past year reminded me of their promise.

Kathy Flynn, Loudwire
Kathy Flynn, Loudwire

Well Starset, it's been a year.

Right now I know you're busy gearing up for some tour dates in Europe, but maybe - just maybe - you could pass through Rochester on your way home to Columbus? I love your lights, lasers, and symphonic sound. I want to see you again!

Come back soon?

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