When Mike Protich of Red Sun Rising declared on stage that they and Skillet were "family" and that this show was a "reunion", we knew they already understood what Rochester was all about.

A breezy (yet calm) summer night in July was the perfect "calm" before the storm of a show those two bands put on at the Olmsted County Fair. I wondered where the heat and humidity was... it was coming.

Our local favorites The 9th Planet Out started things off and performed with James Robinson on vocals. They brought plenty of delicious covers, original songs, pyro and smoke as always. They're just fun to watch.

Credit: Anthony Allen via Facebook

Red Sun Rising then took the stage with a very STP meets Tool meets Guns N' Roses vibe. Musically, I (and the crowd) was super impressed with them! You could see that they genuinely love playing their instruments and providing an atmospheric experience for their audience. Speaking of the audience, it was obvious that they didn't necessarily need to know the lyrics or music to have a good time. They danced and sang anyway! "Imitation" was the best example of this. You could have easily heard that track on Appetite For Destruction. Well done for a "first time" in Rochester (which Mike Protich disclosed on stage).

The moment the audience was waiting for arrived soon after that awesome set. Skillet took the stage to address a crowd that was ready for them. "Invincible" set the tone for their set that night, accompanied by more pyro and smoke.

The "family" atmosphere created by the bands and crowd made for an amazing night. We truly were invited to join Red Sun Rising and Skillet in their "home" so to speak. The only disappointment was that The 9th Planet Out and Skillet didn't have a pyro/smoke battle!

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