I'll admit it - I'm dragging ass today. This is why.

Last night, Halestorm took over Mayo Civic Center with Starset and New Years Day. We all can agree that it was an amazing show, and fun time, but did you catch every excellent moment that we did?

Before we get into that, we want to take the opportunity to thank our Z-Rockers who rocked the meet and greet with us, and downloaded our app to send us photos from the show. Catch all these awesome moments in the gallery below.

Oh, and we had to take a break and quote Rick and Morty for a second too.

Now, onto the show moments you missed but shouldn't have...

  • 1

    Starset became stopset.

    Let's address the elephant in the room first.

    Starset was phenomenal - there's no question about that. However, this only applies to the musical aspect of their performance.

    While we loved the lazers, lights, and smoke machines, it seemed too much for Mayo Civic Center. They literally had to stop (and restart) their set five times due to technical difficulties. I now dub them "stop set" - and hope they make good on their promise to return to Rochester.


    TSM Rochester
  • 2

    LZZY's incredible voice.

    I mean... duh. Girl can belt!

    She did a beautiful cover of "The Rose" before "Dear Daughter" and we all cried like babies.

    TSM Rochester
  • 3

    Jordan was drunk on tequila.

    You can't take this guy anywhere. He loved being onstage! I guess he needed some liquid courage for his nerves.

    Trainwreck \m/
  • 4

    New Years Day rocked some Pantera.

    ...and it didn't suck! Did you catch their cover of "F-ing Hostile" last night?

    TSM Rochester