I mean, c'mon. Who doesn't love Chipotle? And furthermore, what kind of person doesn't like chips and guacamole? Exactly!


Chipotle is giving away free chips and guacamole from now until February 7. But there is a catch. You have to go to this website and play a game called "Cado Crusher." But it's really simple. It's like "wack-a-mole" but you're hitting guacamole ingredients.

Now, keep in mind, they are free but "free with a purchase." So you can't just go in there and demand your free chips and guac. And you wouldn't do that anyway. You've got to get a burrito or bowl. I mean, what are you, a monster?

Though the game goes until February 7, you can use the coupon through the end of February. So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this post and click the link above to claim your free chips and guac. Now!

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