Looking for a little culture in Rochester? How about some art pieces that stand the test of time?

You've probably already guessed that a really cool Andy Warhol themed event is coming to Rochester. It will be making its way to the Rochester Art Center very soon!

To explain what exactly you'll see further, The Rochester Art Center says, "Andy Warhol: Minnesota Goes Pop is a regional reflection and reconstitution of how popular culture manifests itself in the works of contemporary artists in Minnesota. Their work engages in meaningful dialogue not only with the ever changing world around them but also with Warhol’s original pop art."

Basically, it's Minnesota does Andy Warhol! I, for one, am looking forward to seeing these interpretations. Are you?

How about this for a bonus? Your family can check out the opening for free! On February 4th, bring them by from 1-4pm.

You're also going to be treated to the musical stylings of local pieces of awesome Second Story and The Shift. It really is an event you don't want to miss!

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