You'll want to keep your eye on these guys if you're in the mood for a proggy treat!Welcome to another edition of Minnesota Brutal! You know the drill - we feature awesome Minnesota bands here, weekly, and today we have another.

How many of you know Strange Forest?

Strange Forest Facebook
Strange Forest Facebook

If you don't know them, here's some key things...

  • They are very much a prog-rock band. You'll hear a variety of sounds with them!
  • Their influences are: Morosity, SAUL, Seazon of the Fly, Bella Pistola, Tomorrow Brings New Blood, Agora Forte, Angry Waters, Battle Toys, and Crooked Saws.
  • They're from Minneapolis, but have played Rochester before.
  • Jayson Hughes is a badass on the keys, and really reminds me of Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth and Mike Patton of Faith No More. I think Mikael, because Jayson does double duty on vocals too. Listen to him to get the Patton thing. Those are my thoughts anyway.

These guys also released a self-titled EP not too long ago. Check a sample below!

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know about Strange Forest, is that they'll be in Rochester soon! You all heard the news this week, right? To be more specific, these guys will be one of the bands closing out the Wicked Moose for the last time too.

Saving Abel Rochester LOW Res

You really should see them while you have the chance! Be sure to join Z ROCK as we give the Wicked Moose a proper send off!

By the way, I'm always in the market for checking out cool local bands! Feel free to send them my way on Facebook!

They just might be featured next Friday, in the next edition of Minnesota Brutal! You can catch next week's blog on Friday! Stay tuned.

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