How cool is this? Students, you'll definitely want to take advantage of this pizza deal!Have you been Pasquale's in downtown Rochester? A lot of people have been talking about them lately. They're talking because the pizza is delicious, and they brought the east coast to the Midwest in the best way! (I should know, I'm a third generation Italian-American from Pittsburgh, after all!)

TSM Rochester

Right now, Pasquale's has a discount available exclusively to students in Rochester. When they say "students" they mean high school and college! Check this out.

Yeah, pretty cool options, right? Just don't forget to bring your ID with you!

If you need further proof that you should grab some pizza there, my lunch today was terrific! I snagged two regular slices of cheese pizza, and they found a way to dress even that up!

TSM Rochester

Yummy, right? I'm sure we'll bump into each other here at lunchtime one day soon!