I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Free Beer & Hotwings and Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill serving up a heavy helping of awesome this NFL season!


Today, we began a contest that hooks you up with a $50 gift certificate to Wildwood to watch the game at a reserved table for 4! (You must be available to use the certificate THAT weekend)

Matt is now in the running to snag that prize when we draw for it on Friday! He was pumped, and said, "sounds good!" when I told him he was in the running for the prize.

How do you get it? Listen every weekday for the “cue to call.” When you hear it, be caller 7 at 292-9000 and you qualify to win! Before the game that week, we'll pick a winner!

Don't miss it! We're kicking this off all week, and it's going on all season long - but, when the season is over, so is this contest. Check it out!

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