When life gives you a broken arm, grab yourself a beer.

Okay, that's not quite how the saying goes - but it's a pretty good way to make the best out of a sucky situation. That's exactly what lead singer of Embrace The Ending (out of Mazeppa), Alex Mulholland, decided he'd do to make his arm stance less awkward... just hold a beer.

That was the moment I knew these guys were cool. Or was it? Maybe it was also that time they leaped off the stage while opening up for Hed P.E. at the Wicked Moose (RIP!) in December 2016? Truthfully, it's all of the above - and I think you should know Alex, Joe, Phil, Andrew, and Nick who make up one of the best bands in southeast Minnesota.

I'm certainly glad these metalheads are representing southeast Minnesota! That's why I chose them to be part of the February edition of ZROCKChester. Want your band featured? Click here.

Want more ETE? Check out more of their music here.

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