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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Tuesday marked a somber anniversary for the Minnesota State Patrol and other public safety agencies.

A state trooper was killed on Aug. 31st, 2000 when he was hit by a truck while making a traffic stop in Winona County.

Corporal Theodore “Ted” Foss was 35, married, and the father of two children.


The truck that struck him was driven by a Rochester man who was charged with reckless driving.

Minnesota State Patrol


The state legislature later passed a law named after Foss that requires motorists to slow down and/or move over when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle.

Minnesota Dept of Public Safety


The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office used a special grant to conduct an enhanced traffic enforcement effort Tuesday. Extra deputies were assigned to major highways in the county and ended up making 71 traffic stops.

Fifteen of the stops were for violating the Ted Foss Move Over Law. One motorist was also arrested for DUI after a breath test showed a blood/alcohol concentration that was four times the legal limit.

News update:  Rochester teenager hit by a car.

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