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When you think of the Minnesota State Fair what's the first thing that comes to mind? Princess Kay of the Milky Way? Sure, our Dairy Princesses are awesome and who doesn't want their own face carved in butter?

How 'bout love? Do you think about love? I ask because on Monday Austin Berg was thinking about love...

Austin Berg - Fox 9 (Link in video in story)

So was his girlfriend Aynsley Hohrman. Because that's the day they became engaged at the Great Minnesota Get Together!

How Did Austin and Aynsley Get Engaged?

Fox 9 - Screen shot from video in story.

They didn't do it the old fashioned way...Austin takin' a knee in front of a Pronto Pup Booth and asking for Aynsley's hand in marriage. Nope. It's the state fair, you can't do something simple like that.

So they got super high for the proposal. Like the top of the Ferris wheel high! And  that wasn't all. He'd hidden their family and friends in the crowd so they could all share the moment...well, kinda. They watched from farrrrr awayyyy as he popped the question and she said yes.

Fox 9 - Screen shot from video in story.

As soon as they came back down to earth (physically, I'm certain they were so excited and happy their feet weren't touching the ground) the folks hidden in the crowd raised a ruckus and celebrated the awesome moment.

According to Fox News 9, "Aynsley knew the proposal was coming, but she didn’t know it would be at the State Fair nor that her whole family would be secretly on hand, as well as a television news crew."

How'd They Meet?

The couple matched on Tinder, and Austin was so sure of their relationship, he wanted to propose one year later at the same place they first met, the Minnesota State Fair. He knew Aynsley would love it because she was 4H so was at the fair every year making great memories.

Minnesota State Fair

His plan was put on hold thanks to Covid-19, so this year was the year. Watch the video, she's excited, he's excited, it's a great moment. Congratulations, A and's wishing you a wonderful life together!

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