Has anyone else noticed more cops on the road over the past couple years? You’re not alone for thinking that. According to a recent analysis of thousands of speeding tickets issued in Minnesota over the past few years, there has actually been an 80 percent increase in speeding tickets since 2014 – reaching a total of 81,476 last year. To put it another way, that’s one speeding ticket for every 68 Minnesotans. That seems like a lot.

The State Patrol says that this is because they’ve chosen to ramp up enforcement for not just speeding, but distracted driving, impaired driving, and seat belt violations. It’s definitely looking like it’s working – at least according to this data.

There is a bit of good news for anyone who would like to avoid getting a ticket (which is everyone). A lot less speeding tickets are issued in the winter than they are in the summer. So there’s that!

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