When it comes to getting a speeding ticket in Minnesota, I’ve previously written about the average speed that’s most likely to get you pulled over - as well as some background info on how highway patrolmen find speeders on the road. But if you’ve ever wondered what time of day officers issue the most tickets, I’ve got some info for ya.

According to a recent analysis of 200,000+ speeding tickets issued over the past three years, the State Patrol actually writes the most tickets after rush hour. Here’s the breakdown:

  • On weekdays, most tickets are given out in both the 10AM hour and from 1PM to 3PM.
  • More tickets are written on Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays
  • On weekends, the most tickets are written between 4PM and 6PM

So there you go. It probably makes sense that most ticketing occurs outside of rush hour, since it’s easier for an officer to both notice and pull over a speeding car when the roads aren’t so clogged up. So if you’re ever driving during these times, it’s probably best to not push it.

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