For the week of August 20th, 2017 – we got a TON of new rock.

Val hosts the “newner” to premiere new music every weekday at noon on Z-ROCK 107.7, and we’re recapping the results of what was played this week. Did you miss any of these tunes?

  • 1

    Black Country Communion - "Collide"

    We played this one on Monday. It's awesome to see Glenn Hughes still chugging away!

  • 2

    Kobra And The Lotus - "Light Me Up"

    Brutal Canadians right here! We rocked this one out on Tuesday.

  • 3

    Adeltias Way - "Notorious"

    Our Wednesday #newner was filled with heavy breakdowns courtesy of Adeltias Way!

  • 4

    Anti-Flag - "American Attraction"

    Okay, I'm a little biased here - because for me, these are some hometown boys. They really ripped at Warped Tour this year!

  • 5

    P.O.D. - "Soundboy Killa"

    Always good to have some amazing stuff from P.O.D.

    Keep an eye on these guys, because more new music is on the way!

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