I've seriously been having the best time putting some local bands in front of your face! \m/

This week, we're talking about Rochester's own Amiensus!  

Amiensus Facebook
Amiensus Facebook

Here's their story: "In 2010, members from buried project The Last, the almighty Minos and Dread Veil came together with a simple goal: to create the music they wanted with no genre restrictions whatsoever. The result was something that had some rhythmical qualities and aesthetics coming from the black metal genre, but paired up with some contrasting melodic influences from genres such as progressive metal, post-rock, doom metal and even a bit of folk. We don't really know what to call it, we just try to call it metal.

The name "Amiensus" is derived from the famous Amiens Cathedral located in Amiens, France. We liked the imagery of the church and the aesthetic qualities the name had when the "-sus" prefix was added."

If you're asking yourself, "what do they play?" they'll tell you, very simply, "Avant-Garde Metal, Post-Black Metal, and Atmospheric metal." So, you're in for some sounds that will remind you a lot of Mastodon (we're talking guitars especially here) and Amorphis. At least, to my ear anyway. I'm gonna be so bold as to say these guys are gonna keep the progressive scene flowing.

Yeah. Pretty awesome, right?

It'd be a mistake not to look into these guys further. You can find them on Facebook here.

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