Welcome to my first "Band Of The Week" blog!

The concept is simple guys. I'm gonna salute local bands throughout Minnesota every Friday with a blog. Yep! Ones that you and I will know as brutal. Wanna be part of it? We'll get to that in a little bit.... for now, let me introduce you to Embrace The Ending.

I was introduced to these guys last week when they opened for (hed) P.E. at The Wicked Moose. Did you miss the show? Here's a little bit of what happened.

They call themselves a five piece metal band from Rochester. They've been around since 2009. Their formula is simple. You can expect a gritty, bare bones metal band, and that's a good thing. Influences like As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Mushroomed, Primus, Killswitch Engage, and In Flames are obvious, and it's refreshing. You take a listen to them here. They just released an EP called Inception Of Strength and it's awesome.

The line-up includes, Alex Mulholland- Vocals, Phil Carlson- Guitar, Andrew Carlson- Guitar, Joe Carlson- Bass, Nick James- Drums. You need to see these guys live, because if you don't - well, they'll just hop off stage and find you anyway. That's awesome!

What do you think of Embrace The Ending? Check them out today!

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