If you’re like me you probably use the oven less during the warmer months of the year, and probably use your outside grill more often. Now that the temperatures have dipped below freezing at night I often find myself defaulting to comfort foods to warm the heart, the home, and the belly! (I hate turning on the furnace this early in October)

Over the weekend I decided whip-up a big-ass meatloaf. It’s pre- baked weight was approximately 8 lbs. Combining lean ground beef, lean ground turkey, about 4-5 slices of cubed pumpernickel bread, a couple eggs, half a cup of oatmeal, and a secret blend of seasoning & spices, rounding out and lending to it’s overall weight. Top it w/ strips of bacon, and finish it during the last 30 minutes in a bath of ketchup, and you have one of my favorite comfort foods of all time! From start to finish, about 3 and a half hours at 350 degrees. Glaze as you go with Worcestershire sauce and top with sliced onion. We’ll slice on this for several days. Makes great meatloaf & cheese sandwiches, too! (topped w/ caramelized onion on pumpernickel)

Some of the BEST meatloaf I’ve ever had; my mother’s, my grandma’s, and the one Alice Cooper featured in his restaurant in Phoenix for many years. The one I detailed above is my creation, and essentially a combination of the best I’ve ever had.

So, what comfort foods do it for you? Tell us on the Z-Rock Facebook page!

Photo: Train Wreck Kitchen with lil Chef
Photo: Train Wreck Kitchen with lil Chef


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