I had never heard about a bacon-powered motorcycle being made before, but the bike I saw on Sunday has been in existence since 2014! Well, 5 years later, and my first time seeing and or hearing about this bike and all I can say is WOW.

Ok, so as you can see I found the bike at the SPAM museum in Austin over the weekend. Hormel was the driving force behind this bike, and why not have it on display at the home to one of Hormel's most famous invention/product SPAM.

According to the website drivenbybacon.com the bones of the bacon bike are from "a 2011 Track T-800 CDI, which originally got over 100 MPG from an 800 cc three-cylinder diesel engine."

So what makes it a bacon bike? It runs on fuel that is produced with bacon grease converting it into a bio-diesel. The website says that a Wisconsin bio-diesel company was able to turn "about 275 gallons of bacon grease into 250 gallons of engine pumping b100 bacon biodiesel." A bonus feature of the bacon biodiesel? The exhaust emission smells like bacon!

Photo Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

The bikes journey from SPAM-town to San Diego for Bacon Fest was well chronicled here, I was just in awe of being able to see it up close, and read more about it.

Photo Credit: Paul Shea/TSM