When it comes to autumn stuff, it seems like everyone is focusing on the mania that is pumpkin spice. It’s getting a little weird, guys. But there’s something else that many people like doing during the fall season that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked: drinking beer. Namely, Oktoberfest. Sometimes that can involve pumpkin spice, too!

Sam Adams

Now, you’d think Oktoberfest is usually celebrated in October. But you’re in luck, because it’s looking like Oktoberfest is coming to Rochester one day early this year. Dwell Local is hosting an Oktoberfest party this Saturday, September 30th, and it looks pretty fun.

Alongside a Fall Market, there’s a Beer Garden with local Minnesota brews from Grand Rounds, LTS Brewing, Fairstate Brewing, Bauhaus Brew Labs, and more. Plus, German food!

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If beer’s not your thing, Tessa’s Office is hosting a wine tasting from 11AM to 2PM. There’s even a lounge tent dedicated to moms, because every event should have a Mom Lounge Tent.

I’m a big fan of Minnesota brews, so I might check this out. You can get the full details on Facebook. Drink up!

Source: The Med City Beat