Have we gone too far with this pumpkin spice obsession? I mean, I LOVE pumpkin spice, but not quite this much... 

Introducing the latest pumpkin spice product - Pumpkin Spice Latte Deodorant!


I get a candle, essential oil or even bubble bath, but deodorant? Do you REALLY want to smell like you stepped straight out of Starbucks every time you put it on (no offense,  Starbucks). BUT, I've worked at a coffee shop, and I never once thought of creating a fragrance out of it.. just sayin'!

For $12 a stick, you can buy this unique deodorant.

I think it'd be a silly gift for the person obsessed with pumpkin spice, but is anybody actually taking this seriously?

Native is known for their all natural, paraben free deodorants. You can check it out, and buy your stick here. 

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