Kid Rock's American Badass charcoal grill is 100% made in the USA, right down to the very last screw.
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Jim-Grill Session
'Brother Jim' & 'Train Wreck' at a grilling session in Wisconsin for the Packers season opener.

I think I've made it perfectly clear here at the Rock Of Rochester that I like to grill-out! I also enjoy sharing grilling tips & proven how-to advice to help YOU, the loyal Z-Rock faithful. My brother Jim & I hooked-up at his home in Wisconsin for a major Grill-Out session at the start of the NFL season. (it's a seasonal rite-of-passage I think....see below) His grill/smoker is American made. It's an Oklahoma Joe's Smoker, and will last him a lifetime!

Jim's BBQ'ed can't beat it with a club!

Also, I've learned along the way that Kid Rock is a grilling enthusiast, but he's about had it with cheaply-made, China-made grills, so he's developed his own PORTABLE GRILL, The American Badass charcoal grill.

In one of the three video below Kid Rock's grilling partner states: "You know what's American?" "Catapulting foreign-made grills through the sky and shooting them down because they stink!" You gotta love the catapult. This sure looks like fun!

Watch The Videos........bon appetite, and UPGRADE! -'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends

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The grills will be available in a charcoal version for $99.95 and a gas version for $149.95, both proudly embossed with Rock’s American Badass eagle logo.

Remember, you can see Kid Rock LIVE at this years Northern Invasion. Get your tickets [HERE]


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