Last night's The Bachelor has everyone upset. SPOILER ALERT, Mr. Jerkhead-Crapface Jr (I won't even say his name) is the worst. The #1 player with no soul. Check this out. On last night's The Bachelor three-hour finale, Mr. Jerkhead-Crapface Jr .proposed to  Becca Kufrin, and honest to goodness Minnesotan. Then, JCjr changed his mind and dumped her, saying basically, "You're everything I want...but I can't stop thinking about Lauren (the runner-up). She says, "Are you f@#! kidding me?" and Minnesota Twitter erupted!

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The best came from one of our elected officials.



So, will Mr. Jerkhead Crapface Jr be banned from Minnesota? Should he be? He hurt one of our own!

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