As someone who has definitely taken more than one nap on a lake in my lifetime, I seriously can't believe this isn't already a popular thing here in Minnesota: lake camping. And I'm not talking about simply camping by a lake, my friends. No, I'm talking about camping on a lake! Let me introduce to you the Floating Tent:

Sure, some of you might think this looks crazy, but I personally think camping on a lake would be awesome. Seriously, how am I only finding out about this NOW?! The only thing holding me back from jump-starting my new hobby as a professional Lake Camper? The price, sadly! Currently, the Shoal Tent retails at a whopping $1,499. That's a little too rich for my blood, but I could actually see floating tents taking off in Minnesota once they become a little more affordable.

...Or maybe I can just make my own version with a cheap tent, a raft, and some duct tape?

Source: AV Club

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