Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - It might take until Monday for prosecutors to finish a criminal complaint against a Rochester woman who kept police running around for 24 hours before she was arrested.

Police were first contacted around 1:00 PM Wednesday by an ex-boyfriend of the woman, who called to report his residence had been trashed while he was at work. A witness told the man he saw the woman leaving before he came home. The victim called a few hours later to report his place of business had also been trashed.

The man returned home that night and saw the woman’s car in his driveway and called police again. The woman drove to the street and stopped and was still there when officers arrived. She took off and was chased for a short distance by a state trooper who broke off the pursuit because it was in a residential area.

Officers went to the woman’s apartment but she did not answer the door. After being told by the ex-boyfriend that the woman had made suicidal comments in recent days, officers returned Thursday, got a key from the landlord and found her inside. She was very intoxicated but did not resist. While being booked a few hours later, her blood/alcohol level was registered at .2.

The woman was identified as 44-year-old Hope Koutsoukos.

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