Imagine playing all your favorite retro video games again with your friends and family...

Leave your quarters at home, and get ready to feel all nostalgic because that's exactly what you'll be able to do (again) Decemeber 9 for Rochester on Tap 2017!

Located at 11 2nd Street NE in Rochester, The Machine Shed restores and displays classic video games, as well as building newer multi-games, with custom artwork design services available.

The Machine Shed plans to bring in over 30 of their arcade units that are packed with 700+ games downloaded into each "multi-cade"! If there's a game from the original Nintendo you want to play, or perhaps a classic like Centipede or Space Invaders, chances are good they'll have it there for you at Mayo Civic Center!

In fact, we're having trouble deciding exactly which games to bring to Rochester on Tap... so we figure we'd let YOU vote!

By the way the only way to get your tickets are through our website, so be sure you get them sooner than later to save $10 HERE.

Also be sure and 'Like' The Machine Shed on Facebook to stay up to date with new games, events, and tons of fun posts of nostalgia! They're open for private parties, tournaments, multi-cade build orders, and providing video games for your events.

Vintage video games are just one of many reasons to enjoy at Rochester on Tap this year, but be sure and check out these three more awesome things to check out HERE.

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