Now you can take beer with you wherever you go with the "Man Can." Sometimes we like to take a walk around the campground. If you run into people you might know, you could literally be standing there chatting for a couple hours. It's happened to me. Sure you bring a couple beers along in the process in your little mini cooler. At Rock Fest, we also like to walk around the campground and meet different people and we usually go in a bigger group and you end up lugging the bigger cooler around. You know, the kind with wheels but eventually, with enough people grabbing beers out of it, you run out. Obviously, you can't carry around a big ol' keg. Too heavy. Well, that problem has been solved.

Introducing the "Man Can." It hold up to a gallon of deliciousness. Not only that, you fill it with whatever you want. Take it to your favorite local brewer and get it filled with whatever craft beer you crave.

It stays fresh for weeks. Check it out. I know what I want for Christmas.

And to check out 100+ beers from 50 different breweries, check out Rochester on Tap, December 10th at Mayo Civic Center. This is going to be fun. All that beer, food and vintage video games like PacMan, Galaga, and more.


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