Nobody likes warm beer. Want to cool your beer down in a hurry? These options work. It's science! I'll admit and I'm not sure why but when I was younger, I enjoyed room temperature beer. Must've been the dummy in me. Now, I can't stand warm beer and here are a few options on how to speed up the process of cooling your beer down.


  • Use Salt, Ice and Water

    We tried this trick a couple years ago and it worked. It'll work in a pinch if you really need a cold beer and don't have time to wait while it chills in the cooler.

  • Buy Yourself a "Spin Chill"

    In their younger days, they were tired of drinking warm soda. As they got older, they were tired of drinking warm beer so they invented the "Spin Chill." Hell of an idea.

  • The Old Wet Paper Towel In The Freezer Trick

    This one only works if you have a freezer handy but it works none the less.

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