A friend of the show, long-time Z-Rock listener, and friend, Aaron Landon agreed to act as my eyes and ears Friday night at the SOLD-OUT Xcel Energy Center in St Paul.


I knew well in advance that I would not be able to attend the Friday night TooL performance at the Xcel, so my friend Aaron agreed to provide some detail after the fact to share with you all here at The Rock Of Rochester. His words & video below. Thanks again for stepping-up bro! \m/\m/

by Aaron Landon - Rochester, MN
As we walked up to the main gate, we were quickly reminded of where we were. A Tool show. Maynard and company make the rules for the next 4 hours. Before I even get through security they have my camera and have threatened to confiscate my cell phone if it gets used during any part of the show. It was not expected to say the least. 4 years ago I got the chance to finally check off #6 on my bucket list...."Go to a Tool show", and what a show it was. Outdoors, lasers, and Sublime with Rome opened. Couldn't ask for a better concert. So Friday night I was expecting nothing less.

As we headed towards our seats with my cellphone shut off and camera in concert jail, I began to notice that this was a different type of show than I've ever been to. The whole General Admission was set up with assigned seating and every time a cell phone light came on, it was met with a usher or security running down the aisle to take them away. This was odd. Not a single seat in the Xcel Center was empty, yet hardly one person was standing. Not a camera flash or cell phone light in the whole place, and an opening band that belonged more at Harvest Fest than a Tool show. What were we in for?? Well, Tool delivered. Delivered huge!!


From the opening song to the encore...they had my undivided attention. The band performed amazingly, and every note Maynard sang was on point. His voice was incredible, the bass shook my insides and the guitars screamed and wept the whole night. The lasers and light show were eye candy for my brain. Sensory overload is what happened. I couldn't even get words to describe the experience for a good 24 hours after. Between the odd rules that the band had for the show, watching 20,000 people sit through an entire show, and trying to snap a few photos without getting scolded, the night was epic. Different than the last time, but just as great.....but then again, I've never heard of a bad Tool show! "


What Aaron described above does not surprise me, especially from the standpoint of the increased focus on shutting-down cell phone usage by some recording artists during their shows. It may just be a trend, but others have done so recently as well, with some being quite vocal about it. Also, the tactfully placed INTERMISSION interrupting the flow of the show is an annoyance to some, and a blessing to others. Again, it may be a trend at least for the short term.

How do you feel about the Cell Phone crack down at some shows? Or planned intermissions? Check in with your views, or YOUR Tool Review at the Z-Rock Facebook Page!

'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends \m/\m/

Video Embed: Aaron Landon - Rochester, MN


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Third Eye
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Photo: Aaron Landon - Rochester, MN
Photo: Aaron Landon - Rochester, MN


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