Nationally acclaimed Stockholm Pie Co., in Stockholm, WI, will soon be expanding into Minnesota! Yes, soon we will be able to sink our teeth into their delicious made-from-scratch pies without hopping over the Mississippi.

Stockholm Pie's owner, Alan Nugent, announced Tuesday their plan to expand. The new store will be located in Red Wing. Alan explained this decision to City Pages: "Red Wing has been like a second home for Stockholm Pie for years, with our pop-up stores and special order venues during the holidays."

Stockholm Pie has gotten a lot of praise for their delicious pie so it's very exciting that this amazing pie is now even closer to us! You can buy pie by-the-slice or six-inch pies. If you want a bigger pie you need to place an order ahead of time. Hey, it's all made from scratch, that takes some time!

The store in Red Wing will be called Pie Plate Café and Coffee and they are planning on opening in August.

Fun fact: the person who created the recipes used to make these nationally acclaimed pies are from Alan's sister, Janet Nugent Garrison!


Source: City Pages


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