When Prophets of Rage hit the road this summer with Avenged Sevenfold, they may do so with brand new music ready to unleash. During a chat with Kaaos TV, drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Tim Commerford spoke openly about a new album that appears to be coming sooner than later.

When asked about the response to last year's self-titled debut disc, Commerford let the cat out of the bag, explaining, "As far as I'm concerned, it was a great imprint of us as a band. We made a record, and it was an imprint in time, and we did that, and we're on to another record now; we've already finished a 13-song record that we are just in the process of just putting together at this moment in time. So there's a lot going on. We have a new song that comes out on July 7, and it's on to new territory, new sounds and new music."

Wilk added, "We got together and started songs, and it started sounding really good and we all were into what we were doing. So that made sense to continue, and so we continued to write music. We just spent a few months writing new music, and it was an awesome experience with [Tim] and with B-Real and Chuck and Tom and Lord. I think that we can continue making new music. The more new music we play live, the better it'll be."

While an official release date or additional details have yet to be revealed about their next album, it does look like fans will get their first taste this weekend as the July 7 release Commerford teased is this Saturday.

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