It's my first week back on air after having some quality time at home with my wife and newborn baby daughter, Chloe. All the snuggles and family time was great and her "big sister" Charlee now wears that title like nobody's business.

But as I continue to look back on a whirlwind past two weeks, I can't help to think of my time spent at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus when we first checked in after Danielle's water-breaking. Not only was I excited to finally meet my new baby girl, but I couldn't help but dread spending multiple nights in the hospital.

The reason is simple: Their "beds" suck. Rather, their cots that they supply you with (upon request, mind you) instead of those stiff chairs and furniture in their rooms are the absolute worst. They remind me of those rollaway beds you get at motels where they wheel them into the rooms folded in half built with cheap mattresses. I've had better experiences laying on the floor taking a nap than sleeping on these contraptions for a whole night.

I mean, seriously. They're consistently top 2, if not THE BEST hospital in the entire world and you're telling me they can't supply their patients with a comfier mattress to sleep on?

Now I'm not saying Mayo should have to buy hundreds and hundreds of Sleep Number or even Casper mattresses (although let's be honest, they could probably afford it) but anyone who's ever stayed overnight in their maternity ward would certainly appreciate it! Shoot, another idea would be to install a couple Murphy Beds within the rooms to save space?

All I know is my neck, back and shoulders are still sore from those crummy cots and springs poking my insides from both nights stay. If I hadn't packed my own pillow from home, (which I strongly suggest anyone do) I don't know if I would have gotten any more sleep than I did.

So please, if you're reading this Mayo, do us dads, stepdads or moms and other friends and family members a favor and plan some kind of upgrade to your rooms in the maternity ward. While I'm personally done having kids, I just want all the future parents' experiences to be much better than mine.

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