It's a classic breakfast food that's been around for 78 years. You've probably eaten it a bunch of times. But did you know it was invented here in Minnesota?

Of course, I'm talking about Cheerios. They were invented (or first released, to be more accurate) on June 19th, way back in 1941. Minnesota's own General Mills first introduced Cheerios 78 years ago.

Except, according to this history of Cheerios, they weren't originally called that. They were originally called 'Cheerioats.' But that name was already patented, the story says, so General Mills changed the name to Cheerios.

And the rest is history! The brand was a staple on breakfast tables across the world for many years, until the new-fangled Cinnamon Nut Cheerios were introduced in 1976, with Honey Nut Cheerios coming along in 1979. (I was a kid back then, but I do remember the 'new' Honey Nut Cheerios-- or the commercials for them, anyway.)

These days, though, according to the General  Mills site, there are 16 different varieties of Cheerios-- including the original and Honey Nut versions. There are flavors like Chocolate Peanut Butter, Very Berry, Multi-Grain, Frosted Cheerios and more.

And to think, it all started here in Minnesota 78 years ago. Cheers!

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