Considering that my house was all out of coffee this morning, I needed some good news when I got into work today. Maybe it's just me, but this rainy weather really messes with my energy levels! So if you're a fellow caffeine hound as well, we're totally in luck.

That's because all day today (Thursday, June 20th), Starbucks is bringing its "Happy Hour" back by offering a Buy One Get One Free deal on espresso drinks or Frappuccinos size Grande or larger. Happy Hour starts at 3PM until close. I've already set my timer.

"But wait," you might be thinking. "What if I don't like drinking coffee late in the afternoon?"

No problem! Because I'm totally not above taking some coffee home with me and just reheating it the next morning. That's what I call a lifehack, my friend! But for the rest of you, this is a pretty good deal to get an extra jolt of energy at work today.

Source: Thrillist

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