I wouldn't exactly call them 'heavy,' but they are shifty... and I was wondering just what they're up to.

You guys have heard of The Shift right? They first hit the scene in 2015 (I didn't rhyme that, I swear) and have proven to be a hot live act in the area since then. This is for good reason, too! Check this out from a few months ago!

Yeah, that's one tiny stage! And they made it work!

The Shift describe themselves as a rock n' roll band, but really their name captures their essence. They like to be able to fall under a few different sub-genre categories (under the "rock" umbrella anyway), and at first listen this is something you'll notice.

They explain, "THE SHIFT looks to take their unique music mix to a much broader audience. With Beatlesque harmonies, brilliantly intricate guitars, and unforgettable melodies, THE SHIFT reawakens a compelling essence of 60’s pop music."

For me, the harmonies are the best part about this band.

Just look at these classy guys!

They are worth a second look if you're not quite familiar with them. But by now, you probably are. They love playing live events in the area! You've seen them at Thursdays on 1st, and more recently, at Minnesota Goes Pop! at the Rochester Art Center. (Truly a perfect gig for them!)

That's been this edition of Minnesota Brutal where we salute rockin' bands in Minnesota! Until next week!

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The Shift Facebook Page
The Shift Facebook Page

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