For those of you who don't believe your chance to win $1,000 is real, we found proof!

It's kind of weird that this was literally sitting in front of Jordan's new office the entire time, and none of noticed it, but hey - IT'S HERE!

The Z Free Money Tree is back on Monday with your chance to win $1,000.

As you can see, we're bringing back codes two times a day (9:30AM and 12:30PM) for your next chance to win! Val is going to have them for you, so be ready.

What could you use that $1,000 for? Gearing up for a summer road trip? Maybe you're stocking up on burgers, dogs and brats? Maybe you'll save some money on a family vacation this year? Whatever you're thinking about spending it on, it's clear that $1,000 can help you do a lot of things!

Join us!

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