That's the question - are you prepared?

Okay, so someone didn't quite give me the memo on the fact that I can't win $1,000 - BUT YOU CAN! Want some tips on how to win? Check this out.

Horse shades, folks. Let nothing distract you from listening to Z-ROCK weekdays at 9:30AM and 12:30PM with me!

You want to be $1,000 richer, right? That's a serious chuck of change toward a car payment, or maybe some help out of debt! Hey, if I won, I'd be putting it toward my cards anyway!

Reach for the code. Run to the code. In case you were wondering - yes, I completely spoofed Troy's video promoting Mastodon's new album (out this Friday!). Wanna see what he was training for back in January? Check it out below.

See you guys on Monday, April 3rd with your first chances to win! You'll enter these codes online, by the way.


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