Have you taken this route before? It's tied for the best motorcycle trip in Minnesota, and it's only minutes away from Rochester.

I was surfing motorcycleroads.com for the best route and was a little surprised to this one on the list. It's soooo close to Rochester! Perhaps I shouldn't have been. This website gives some good reasons as to why it is one of the best!


Taking Highway 61 from LaCresent to Red Wing, and you're in for one of the best rides around! An anonymous user explained,

"Get yourself to Lacrescent, MN and take US 61 North all the way up as it hugs the Mississippi River and takes you into Red Wing, MN. For an awesome return trip, just cross the river into Wisconsin and head south along Wisconsin 35 (the Great River Road) as it hugs the river on the east side ... you're really going to enjoy this trip!!!"

If that didn't strike your fancy, take a look at this reason: good quality roads and a nice amount of turns in that area too. Especially as you follow the Mississippi.

There aren't a whole lot of things to do in that area, but you'll find food, gas and plenty of scenery to keep you occupied.

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