Some of you were there. Some of you heard about it from your friends & family members in attendance. Hell, I talked about it for weeks on The Rock Of Rochester and Z-Rock airwaves. Today, lets just reminisce, shall we?

I myself have only seen Chester Bennington perform LIVE once, and it was
on this night at the Myth almost 2 years ago. I am still in the process of dealing with my feelings and SHOCK after receiving the tragic news Thursday afternoon, and the passing of yet another bright light in the world of rock and roll.

Often, we behind the mic are turned to for insight, details, reflection, and perhaps, even a reason this tragedy occurred. Well tonight as I type this blog-post I'm as numb as you probably are. All I can muster today are the great memories from an incredible show, and a gargantuan talent by the name of Chester Bennington. He had us all in the palm of his hand that evening, and tonight as we reflect on his brilliance as an artist, and incredible human being, who was obviously hurting bad. Rest in Peace Chester!
'Train Wreck' Z-Rock Weekends

THE FIRST VIDEO BELOW: Chester's interaction with the fans on this night was something special to behold. Quite a human!

THE 2ND VIDEO BELOW: Chester & STP just happened to open with my favorite STP song, something Scott & company did NOT do a few years prior when they performed The Myth.
ENJOY, but keep Chester's family, and closest friends close to your heart or include in your prayers in the days ahead as we search for our own answers!






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