People love to rant about their negative experiences A LOT (especially on some Facebook pages).  Not sure if I'm so used to seeing the negative news that this just phased me a bit more than normal but this made my heart happy - a Rochester, Minnesota business just wrote a gushy letter of how proud they are of their staff. 💗 And instead of posting a team photo or calling people out individually because they won an award, the letter was addressed to the parents of the staff.

As a parent is making me hope and wish that my kids' bosses feel the same way about my kids.  #LotsOfMomFeelsGoingOnRight Now





Dear Parents~ You. Did. Good. Regardless if your child is 16 yrs old, 25 or 35...If your child works for us...You did good. Last night we had our 1st ever "Employee Appreciation" party. We closed down both businesses so that everyone could attend and we had a fantastic turn out.


I'll be honest, we had every intention to put lots of effort into the planning, but life happens...and time gets away from you...and it is what it is. We wanted to show our staff how much they mean to us and just how much we appreciate them. The staff from Downtown and the staff from the West End don't all know each other. Some do...because of school and cross-training, but many don't. What a neat thing to see everyone come together and personalities gel between the two groups. Some of you parents have 1 child that works for us...some have 2 and even 3 children. Looking at all of our staff last night, your kids...Natalie and I are truly blessed.


The interview process is a funny one! You rarely see the real person sitting across from you in that half hour. So, I look for something that shows me I can build on this person. I look for character. Does this kid sitting in front of me have character? I can teach the menu...I can teach the computer...BUT...I can't teach character. They have to come to us with that. There is not one employee of ours that does not have that! That comes from them...which comes from you, as parents.

Photo by Jessie McCall on Unsplash

This time of year...I am reminded that these kids are ours for such a short time. We are a "first job", a "summer job", a "full-time" job, a "I just need to save a little money" job, and a "permanent" job. We are lots of things...but feel a lot of loss with these employees. They have become part of our family. We hope we have built on their kindness. We hope that we have taught them to serve others the way they would want to be served, that quality should be provided if possible and if you can say "YES"...say it! We've tried to teach them to "take it", walk away and "let it go"...not to let anger or negativity wreck your entire night. They learned to rely on their co-workers but to be their own person. A tip is not guaranteed. Put in the effort and earn it. Sometimes your effort will not be rewarded by others, but the effort itself is it's own reward. Teamwork makes the dream work...even when it's 90 degrees outside, the air conditioner is down and a small human just threw up their chicken nuggets and fries. We hope they have learned that going home hot, tired and covered in someone else's ketchup is a really good feeling!

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Your kids stood in front of us last night in a big group. We were so proud. SO. PROUD. They all bring something to our family. Kitchen staff, Expos, Servers, Bartenders and our morning Cleaning Crew. So many personalities and stories in our group. Every one of them comes from a different place with different experiences...but it all works. So much success staring back at us last night! So. Much. Success. The Tap House Downtown and West is nothing without great employees. Your kids have made us a success.


Parents...You did good! No need to worry! Everything will be fine!! You instilled character, integrity, values and...LOTS of humor. We will keep them for as long as they let us. We hope that they carry a little piece of The Tap House with them forever. Thank-you! - The Tap House West End Facebook Page

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