Take a Train-Themed Trip
On our vacations, as a child and now as an adult, I never miss a chance to stop and check out the various train depots and museums scattered across the country. Recently I came across an article on Facebook about a train themed road trip through Minnesota.
Prince’s Paisley Park To Be Turned Into A Museum
I think this is such a cool idea! I can't wait to see it in October. USA Today is reporting that Paisley Park, Prince's famed creative hideaway, is being turned into a museum. They explain it will be, "opened for daily public tours in October, the administrator of the icon&CloseCu…
Kurt Cobain Museum Is Slowly Collecting Pennies
The childhood home of Kurt Cobain has been for sale for a while.  It looks like it may be turned into a museum, well, some wish anyways.  Have you ever wondered what the world looked like through Kurt's eyes as a child? Watch the Video for a tour through his bedroom.  There is a fundraising event t…
Saving 2 Of The Corvettes
Remember hearing about that sinkhole that swallowed 8 collector corvettes in February? They have recovered 2 of them so far.   Watch them excavate the expensive rides in this video(s)!
He Will Rock & Roll All The Time, In A Museum
A Gene Simmons fan from South Carolina donated one of his 15 signature Simmons instruments to the Smithsonian Museum.  He was using his donation as a political statement of sorts, to protest the non-induction so far of Kiss into Cleveland's 'Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame...