A state park in Southern Minnesota offers some really cool things to check out during your next day trip. The Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park in Preston is the place to go this summer!

In this state park there's a historical town to explore, the Root River with places to picnic, and caves you can take a tour in. And if you want to turn this day trip into a weekend trip there's camping available and cabins you can rent.

The historical town of Forestville is on the Forestville side of the state park. You walk across a bridge that's a century old to get there. The town was formed in 1852 and the last family moved out in 1910.

Then when you venture over to the Mystery Cave side this is where you should make sure to stop for lunch by the Root River. And then it's off to the cave for a guided tour!

If you really want to explore everything I think it would be a ton of fun to turn this into a weekend trip and rent a cabin while you're there!



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