It certainly seems like there is some momentum beginning to swell amongst Minnesota bar and restaurant owners. The group "Reopen Minnesota Coalition" has stated that over 200 bars and restaurants have stated their intentions of opening up this week, in a sense thumbing their noses at Governor Walz in the process after 'pausing' Minnesota in November.

One Southern Minnesota bar-owner took to his business's Facebook page recently highlighting the fact that his establishment has been vandalized recently which has cost him hundreds of dollars to repair, all the while not being fully open to ease the burden of these bills coming due.

The message to The Pour House's Facebook page states:

So here's my thoughts today.....We have been shut down per Governor Walz. We have had an $800 window broke out and now someone tried to break in early this morning and caused about $700 damage to a door that now needs to replaced! We are being kicked while we are down and I'm at the end of the rope! Are we an essential business? I think so..... I'm emotionally drained from this and need to be who I am so with that being said..... fill in the blanks. I DON'T need to be grounded anymore!!!

That last sentence is telling.

You tell me, send me a message on our free app, which you can download here, on whether you think I should create a list for people to know what bars and restaurants are opening up for business.

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