The first day of school, or the first day on a new job, can be terrifying. We want to make the best impression possible, and definitely try not to be late. Thankfully, when Sam Bradford made his way to Minnesota, he had some help navigating the new position and stadium, literally!

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings
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The help came from fellow quarterback Shaun Hill. Sam explained to Dan Patrick, “Thankfully I was at (the) pregame meal, and Shaun Hill was down there with me,” Bradford said. “I told him, ‘Hey, how do you get to the stadium?’ He was like, ‘I’ll go with you." Talk about teamwork! It seems like such a simple thing to do, but I'm sure Sam appreciated the gesture.

Both quarterbacks have had an impressive set of games so far! Let's hope they continue the sentiment and turn out some even better games! By the way, check out the two big football giveaways we've got going on this season!

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