It was not a good football day for me yesterday. As a Vikings fan, yesterday's loss to the Redskins was painful one. I'm a Steelers fan too, and even they lost to the Cowboys!

While I watched both games, I noticed something a little weird when it came to wide receiver Stefon Diggs. This might just be my view on it, but it seemed to me that when Sam Bradford threw Stefon the ball (hey, I get why he chose to rely on Diggs, dude was there for him), he fell on purpose! This created a pretty frustrating short yardage situation.

Rob Carr
Rob Carr

I'll admit, it looked like this was part of the Vikings plan. It looked like they wanted to play it safe. Maybe they were following a "secure any yards" vs. "get the most yards possible" plan instead?

The whole game was frustrating, and while I wanted Stefon Diggs to do more, you've gotta admit that he was a reliable game changer yesterday. The Vikings offense is kind of hard to watch without him.

Here's some things the Vikings can maybe work on. Do you agree?

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