The Spring Grove Lions had a difficult road against some of the best teams in the state. That did not stop them, as they took on each opponent with respect and head on en route to a State Title. The Lions topped Nevis 32-0.

The Lions used a great passing game against a tough Nevis run defense early, as Alex Folz connected with Luke Schneider, Ethan Matzke and Noah Elton each for touchdowns. Schneider and Matzke both made incredible catches in the end zone to set the tone for the Lions.

The Lions were able to shutdown any form of passing game that Nevis, and it started with Sam Sanness on the defensive line disrupting anything that Nevis had going.


The Lions jumped out to a 26-0 lead at the half, and then the running game took over in the second half, as Cullen Patterson and Folz finished with over 100 yards rushing each, and both rushed for a touchdown in the game.

The Lions were great all season long, and their ability to move the ball on the ground and through the air in this game was incredible and was the difference maker. The Lions were stout on all fronts of the game, and controlled it from start to finish.

It was an incredible season for the Lions, and they earned this State Championship.

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Spring Grove) - Sam Sanness

KFIL Subway Player of the Game (Nevis) - Jack DeWulf

Kingsley Mercantile Game Ball (Spring Grove) - Luke Schneider

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