Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The attorney who represented the City of Rochester in the dispute that led to a $1 million settlement with a veteran police officer has issued a new statement in response to allegations made by former Lieutenant Eli Umpierre in meetings with media representatives on Tuesday.

Jana O’Leary Sullivan works for the League of Minnesota City’s Insurance Trust and her statement essentially communicates the city’s frustration at its inability to respond. She says the city would welcome the opportunity to defend itself and address specific public statements by Umpierre and her attorneys but is legally prohibited from doing so under Minnesota’s Data Practices Act.

Sullivan reiterated the settlement is not an admission of guilt or liability by the city. Her statement also notes Umpierre will withdraw a discrimination complaint from the Minnesota Department of Human Rights as part of the settlement.

Umpierrer has said she was the victim of bias and discrimination by white male supervisors after reporting suspicions that another officer was discriminated against while pursuing a promotion.

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