Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  The Rochester City Council has decided to wait a few weeks before dealing with a report involving 2nd Ward representative Michael Wojcik.

The city’s Ethical Practices Board ruled he was in violation of the code of ethics for trying to obtain a report before it was made public. The report from the Greater Rochester Arts and Cultural Trust was a draft of a master plan commissioned by the organization. Wojcik argued he had a had a right to see the report because city funds helped pay for it but the board disagreed.

City Council President Randy Staver Monday asked other council members how they wanted to respond to the board report. Staver and others agreed it was well-written. Council member Ed Hruska encouraged the others to make a formal response to the report, which could include censure or some form of punishment.

It was decided to bring the report back for discussion and action at the council’s Aug 21st meeting.

The Rochester City Council Monday approved an employment contract with Steve Rymer, who has been hired to be the new administrator. He is expected to begin his new job Oct 12.  He is the current city manager of Morgan Hill, Calif.

The employment contract requires the city to pay his medical and dental insurance premiums and provide him with a $500,000 life insurance policy. The city will also pay Rymer $50,000 for his relocation and temporary housing expenses.  His starting salary will be $173,000.

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