It was all done in one take! Have you seen the latest music video from Second Story?

For starters, if you don't know Rochester rockers Second Story, you should. You will love their indie/grunge/punk sound that's all their own. You can totally hear a Weezer influence too!

This is none more evident than in their new video for a brand new song, called "Long Story Short". Take a look!

Check out the story behind the song too.

Singer Sterling Haukom explained his inspiration for the song, saying on Facebook, "To the Conservation Corps of Minnesota for teaching me so many amazing things, introducing me to so many awesome people, and for sending me on so many incredible adventures. Long Story Short is a song about one of those adventures, and I am proud to say the Conservation Corps helped shape me into the man I am today."

Pretty cool right? I love the nod to the Conservation Corps of Minnesota too! As I mentioned, this video was all done in one take.

Sure, you could call it a "simple" video, but it's really a love letter to Rochester... and silly string. It's a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what these guys will do next! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for their next show. You won't want to miss it, or the premiere of this new tune live!

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